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# Medals available now

New changes: - added github url in profile - added related tools in tutorial option - medals added https://webscene.ir/#/medals... [ ReaD MorE ]

# The signup with github account available

The signup to site available with admin before than. But now if you have github account can signup and login with github account. Don't for get Your user in the site is github user.... [ ReaD MorE ]

# Change & upgrade server

We have move server and upgrade server resources. last changed: - add tag info - add private message for all user - fix some bugs... [ ReaD MorE ]

# Index page optimized

We work on index page now the latest content available in the index page. If you have any idea about webscene, share with us ? Kind regards ? The webscene dev team... [ ReaD MorE ]

# Add comment to some sections

Now the comment available for : __- news __ __- tools__ __- tutorial __ Kind regard, Webscene dev team... [ ReaD MorE ]

# The news section added to site

we are developing the webscene site. Now the scene news is available, for scene and all team in web scene. until next good news. Kind regard,** Webscene dev team**... [ ReaD MorE ]