#The biggest in small world

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The Anti Security Agency Team founded in 2012 locacted Iran, where the UnderSEH Team destroyed. We...



[A]rab [T]eam 4 [R]everse [E]ngineering [AT4RE] الفريق العربي للهندسة العكسية‎


# CiN1

CiN1 TeAm - Cracking Is Number 1


The FiGHTiNG FOR FUN team is proud to announce that we are the first French web group still alive wi...



RED Crew is a web group founded in July 2008 after a split inside tRUE. We are doing this for fun a...



We are closed. Dont come looking for us, dont try to contact us, and dont think we'll be contacting...


# SnD

Seek n Destroy is a web based "crack" team. The team was born early January of 2003 by Pun...