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Title chesspositiontrainer
Version 5.1
Platforms Windows
Platforms https://www.chesspositiontrainer.com/download/Chess_Position_Trainer_5_1-Setup.exe
File size 73.07 mo
Virus total link https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/78f597f6ada88c3ff1779bdac2b6fd3b97ec9af8dbf1145fb7b4414aad5a6f42
Vendor link https://www.chesspositiontrainer.com/
Compiler Library: .NET(v4.0.30319)[-]
Protector Protector: Crypto Obfuscator For .Net(5.X)[-]
Trial days

I have been recommending Chess Position Trainer to students for several years now as part of a multi-pronged approach to learning openings.

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1 year ago
2023-04-07 16:34:25
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Here's a simple patcher for this written in C# using dnlib. Extract cpt_patcher.exe and dnlib.dll and run in the same directory as "Chess_Position_Trainer_5_1.exe". It will ask for the name you want shown on the title and about screen and produce a patched file named "Chess_Position_Trainer_5_1.exe.patched.exe" that you can replace the original with.

Project source code is included if you want to build it yourself.


2 weeks ago
2024-05-02 09:43:12

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