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Title FlowJo
Version 10.7.1
Platforms Windows
Platforms https://fjinstallers.s3.amazonaws.com/FlowJo/FlowJo-Win64-10.7.1.exe
File size 165 MB
Virus total link https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/8693a14339f542be999f9861b0d9604d96406b9c1b69e480508449c9fd178602/detection
Vendor link
Trial days 30

Hello, I need this software for my research, could someone please crack this? It would be greatly appreciated :) Here is a link of sample data to test the program: https://mega.nz/file/QpAVCQrC#x2J8qOgQXuagQb99d3z2pCJtCYCqorps1G8ftFV7dkQ

3 weeks ago
2021-02-04 07:57:33
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install software & DO NOT OPEN after instal. Edit hosts file and add;

FlowJo logs.treestar.com treestar.com fls.flowjo.com cloud.flowjo.com umpqua.treestar.com treestar.com bdrc-dev.eyecue.io eyecue.io www.eyecue.io bdrc.eyecue.io

go to installation folder FlowJo 10.7.1\libs make copy of fjengine-2.5.0.jar open fjengine-2.5.0.jar in a zip archiver and extraxtt \com\treestar\flowjo\licensing\LicensingMethod.class

open LicensingMethod.class in hex editor change offsets ref old value - new value 0000090B: 27 to 15 0000090B: 03 to 04 0000091D: 2A to 15 0000091E: 02 to 04

open fjengine-2.5.0.jar again in zip archiver software 7zip or winrars delete \com\treestar\flowjo\licensing\LicensingMethod.class and add hex edited file LicensingMethod.class in zip archive and place modified fjengine-2.5.0.jar in FlowJo 10.7.1\libs foldar.

test. not sure if working all fine test && no waranty! If you like the soft buy it.

3 weeks ago
2021-02-07 02:56:14

  • lonejx : Thank you so much for giving it a shot! I tried this out and while the program did open and appear to work, once I tried to use it with actual samples it said it required a license to do that. So it looks like this method may not work or I messed up doing it haha. Thank you again though!
    2 weeks ago
    2021-02-08 07:09:47
  • sceneFlow : @lanejx could you upload project samples so i can proceed in testing routine, i no have any sample. I try to find but no files i can find in search machine.
    2 weeks ago
    2021-02-09 02:50:41
  • lonejx : @sceneFlow I have tried multiple times to upload the folder with some sample data to the post but for some reason I keep getting a 403 error. Is there another way I can get you the file?
    1 week ago
    2021-02-19 23:26:29
  • sceneFlow : @lonejx yes i know you get 403 is because of web application firewall is set to overkill modes. I mail operator but he no reponse try mega.nz its good. upload zip arhive with password webscene.ir and i will try to get this project finished!
    5 days ago
    2021-02-22 21:36:01
  • lonejx : @sceneFlow alright so I just made an account with mega.nz and uploaded the zip archive of sample data. I dont have the pro account so I cant set a password so I think you should be able to just open it. Here is the link:
    5 days ago
    2021-02-23 01:03:05
  • lonejx : @sceneFlow it seems I can't leave a link in the comment section but I added the mega.nz link in the comments of this request. Hopefully it works this time lol
    4 days ago
    2021-02-24 03:49:33
  • sceneFlow : @lonejx just leave the it like the id of url like after so / file / : 5SREhm#Mzc0OXVoNHd0OHlodTR3eXVoNIyd2V0HlodTR3e <- example
    3 days ago
    2021-02-25 04:31:43
  • lonejx : @sceneFlow ahhh smart. Here it is / file / QpAVCQrC#x2J8qOgQXuagQb99d3z2pCJtCYCqorps1G8ftFV7dkQ
    3 days ago
    2021-02-25 16:52:43
  • lonejx : @sceneFlow once you open FlowJo, on the top left under the flowjo tab you'll see the option to add samples. then you select the samples and they should import into the program. If the crack is successful, everything will just load and you'll see them in the program. If not, it will say that only demonstration files can be used or that there is an error.
    3 days ago
    2021-02-25 16:56:17
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