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Title PowerArchiver
Version 2021
Platforms Windows
Platforms https://powerarchiverdl.cachefly.net/2021/powarc200073.exe
File size 37.2 MB
Virus total link https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/70b148b9d1aa10a8ea45425204996c58cae562aaca5958468f17f8a21a384405/detection
Vendor link https://www.powerarchiver.com/
Trial days 30

PowerArchiver is an awesome compression tool. It can be registered both online and offline (using a registration name and code). Please try to create a keygen if possible. PowerArchiver 2016 had a keygen created by FFF. If keygen is not possible, a valid registration key will also be good enough.

There are some cracks available on the Internet, but I am looking for a cleaner method.

Thank you in advance.

Tags: PowerArchiver 2021
2 years ago
2021-02-10 17:54:17
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For version powarc200073.exe so v;

credits to crack to [SadeemPC] i find new addresses for patch;

Open xdbg64 and load *.1337 patch file x64= [address, old byte, new byte] >powerarcx64.exe > 00000000014A3725:80->C6 00000000014A3726:38->00 00000000014A3727:00->01 00000000014A3728:75->EB 00000000014A3B27:80->C6 00000000014A3B28:38->00 00000000014A3B29:00->01 00000000014A3B2A:75->EB 00000000014A3B52:80->C6 00000000014A3B53:38->00 00000000014A3B54:00->01 00000000014A3B55:74->EB >

>powerarc_x86.exe 00E15670:80->C6 00E15671:38->00 00E15672:00->01 00E15673:75->EB 00E159C1:80->C6 00E159C2:38->00 00E159C3:00->01 00E159C4:75->EB 00E159E3:80->C6 00E159E4:38->00 00E159E5:00->01 00E159E6:74->EB

edit: fix nag screen & enable ftp feature

Works standard version wit ftp feature testes seems working stable and good no problem fuond.

2 years ago
2021-02-20 03:57:55

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