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Title Content
Title Vertyanov_JIG
Version 8.12
Platforms Windows
Platforms https://www.mediafire.com/file/hpzoyhh3u8je9w5/Vertyanov_JIG_ver_3.X.zip/file
File size 5.6 mega
Virus total link https://vlab.su/viewtopic.php?p=129525#p129525
Vendor link https://vlab.su/viewtopic.php?p=129525#p129525
Compiler Borland.Delphi
Trial days

Hello the software detect the component id ( FT232RL) and generates a file with encrypted content you must generate an .ACT file with the content of the generated file by the software.

I have a friend who successfully recorded the program and sent me the recording files but it didn't work you find them with the generated file I have 5 friends with the same problem help us please We pay you for this service Thanks! https://www.mediafire.com/file/kvuo9lowkl77cfq/jig+not+registered.jpg/file

6 months ago
2022-11-25 09:10:15
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