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Armadillo Tool

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Title Armadillo Tool
Version 0.4
Author mrexodia & sigma
Author website https://github.com/mrexodia/akt
[Armadillo Tool]

Hello everyone,

Some time ago I posted a tool called "Armadillo Key Tool".

Back then, this tool could just be used to generate serials. This version of the tool has more features:

Version + Option + Extra Option detection (ArmaFP)
Inline patch tool (with plugin support)
Environment Variable Finder (ArmaEV)
Full key generation support (with keystring and nameless support, Unsigned - ShortV3 Level 10)
Key analysis support with keystring and nameless support, Unsigned - ShortV3 Level 10)
Key decoding and decryption (Decoding: ShortV3 only, Decryption: SignedV2 - ShortV3 Level 10)
Tabbed, userfriendly interface.
Built-in help function (Hit F1).
Current Sym retriever.
Checksum generator and finder.
FixClock key generator.
Arma date converter.
Armadillo reducer-alike tool.
Previous settings are remembered (OnTop and Version Log till now)
Dynamic certificate retriever.
Certificate brute force tool (in form of a dll, which can be customized)
Program-specific license clear tool.
Stolen keys retrieving
Website and customer service retrieval
Intercepted libraries retrieval
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5 years ago
2018-09-28 09:13:11
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