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Title PMaker
Author ZeuSoft
Author website http://sistemo.has.it/
[PMaker ]

Usage: (original text from Kill3xx)

1) Fill Project page (u can do this later) :

  • the 1st 4 editbox contains the data of the appz u've cracked (max 42 chars each)
  • the info message is (of coz ;) the message that'll be displayed when u press info in the patcher dialog: i.e. where to copy patch, ecc.. (max 1000 chars)

Press Bitmap if u want to change the default bitmap that will be displayed in the patcher dialog. The bitmaps have a fixed format:

250x100 pixels 256 colors bmp files.

If u right-click on Bitmap button u can view the bitmap or reset to default one

Load, Save, News buttons: * respectly load,save and clear all this project data in a file so u can skip this ripetitive job the next time..

Compile Button: * generate the patch.exe Note: all project fields have to be filled and data builded before compiling

2) Fill Data page:

File Cmp button: * choose a couple source <-> target files for filecompare: this two file have to have the same size coz no section manipulation/injection is supported by now (ehh perhaps in a next version)

Hex Dump button: * with this option u can insrt patch data directly in the hexdump and when u choose acquire the maker will build a differences map.

keyboard shorcuts for hex editor:

CTRL+Z = undo (100 levels) CTRL+SHIFT+1..9 = set a marker CTRL+1..9 = goto a marker CTRL+A = ascii<->ansi oem conversion CTRL+F = find (see note1) F3 = find next CTRL+G = jump to specified offset CTRL+SHIFT+left/right = hex window<->ascii window CTRL+left/rigth = beginnig hex line/end of line HOME = goto to beginning of line END = goto the end of line CTRL+HOME = goto to beginning of file CTRL+END = goto the end of file

and the classical pagup, pagedown, arrow keys

Note1: Hex String should be 2 byte long and separated from another by a comma: hex 12,a4, 45,00

Note2: hex dump patching is still under costruction (some ideas?)

Edit Data button: * u can view and manipulate differences maps and/or manually insert patched bytes. Note: if u change a file_compare diffs map, the project entry is converted to a direct_data and the reference with .crk file is lost.

Remove, Clear List button: * respectively remove selected/all entries

Build button: * Syncronize/build data for all project's entries. i.e. builds diff maps for file_compare entries and sorts all offset for direct_data ones. Note: build process is required before compiling

3) compile to ganerate the patcher

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