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Exploiting Software: How to Break Code

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Title Exploiting Software: How to Break Code
Type E-Book
Language English
Author Greg Hoglund and Gary MacGraw
[Exploiting Software: How to Break Code]

Exploiting Software highlights the most critical part of the software quality problem. As it turns out, software quality problems are a major contributing factor to computer security problems. Increasingly, companies large and small depend on software to run their businesses every day. The current approach to software quality and security taken by software companies, system integrators, and internal development organizations is like driving a car on a rainy day with worn-out tires and no air bags. In both cases, the odds are that something bad is going to happen, and there is no protection for the occupant/owner. This book will help the reader understand how to make software quality part of the design—a key change from where we are today!

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