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Offensive and Defensive Android Reversing

Title Content
Title Offensive and Defensive Android Reversing
Type E-Book
Language English
Author Red Naga
Author website https://github.com/rednaga/
[Offensive and Defensive Android Reversing]

Slides of the presentation at the DEFCON 23: Offensive and Defensive Android Reversing Thinking like an attacker, you will learn to identify juicy Android targets, reverse engineer them and find a vulnerability and write exploits. We will deep dive into reverse engineering Android frameworks, applications, services and boot loaders with the end goal of rooting devices.

Approaching from a defensive perspective, we will learn quickly triage applications to determine maliciousness, exploits, and weaknesses. After learning triage skills we will deep dive into malicious code along while dealing with packers, obfuscators, and anti-reversing techniques.

Between the two aspects of this class, you should walk away with a basic overall of your reversing engineering knowledge and a strong understanding of how to further develop your skills specifically for mobile platforms.

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