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General RCE quesions

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# xpatcher error on attach file windows 10 Answer: 0

I don't know the general RCE question is good category for this question or not because look like a bug report. When I try to...

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# http error code 404 not found on subdomain distro.webscene.ir The three most common methods for unpacking the upx unpacking the modified upx.zip Answer: 0

This is a 'dead' link from Chrome, Firefox on Windows and Telegram on Android. Title: The three most common methods for unpac...

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# Multiple monitors Answer: 0

Hi, my question is not about challenge but I have no place for my question. Please, be indulgent. i work with people with disa...

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# Problem loading pages (404 not found) Answer: 2

when I click any of the links in Latest Releases on homepage I'm getting 404 not found. Why is that? Also the same at https://di...

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# Amoozesh Assembly password Answer: 0

Salam man Amoozesh assymbly ro download kardam password file ha ro nadaram plz password ro gharar bedin?...

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# Asm tutorial password Answer: 1

سلام من آموزش های اسمبلی asa رو دانلود کردم برای اینکه بتونم از حالت فشرده خارج کنم پسورد لازم دارم اگر میشه پسوردش رو بهم بدی...

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# Humble request to Unpack an application containing videos. Answer: 0

Hello Everyone, I have a Windows Desktop application, that consists of videos. I have to use that application to view those pu...

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# Android In-app purchase Answer: 0

Hi I'm trying lately to find an app that really working In-app purchase for games hance most of available are absolute (luck-pat...

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# The appliaction has run time error in debugger Answer: 2

I try to debug **Xshell 6** application but I can open with *ollydbg* has can't open it, when I try open with *x64dbg*, but in t...